Calico Ghost Town

Опубликовано: May 7, 2017 в 6:15 am


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The city was founded in 1881 as a silver mine, which at one time rushed miners from all over the country in search of promising opportunities. Especially the lucky ones could even get rich during the silver boom, but others, not so beloved by destiny, lost everything. At the time of the city’s heyday, its population was 1200 people, and the number of silver mines – more than 500. In addition, the village had 22 saloons, its Chinatown and even a red light district. 1980 marked the beginning of hard times: the price of silver fell, and with time the source of borax dried up. By 1907, Calico was abandoned, exactly until he acquired a second life thanks to tourism.

In 1951, a certain Mr. Walter Nott bought out the site on which Calico had settled, and made it a national tourist park, restoring it according to old photographs. And fully knowing the art of aging buildings, Nott made and new buildings almost indistinguishable from the original. In 1966, he presented it to the district of San Bernardino, and now everyone can visit the mysterious corners of the ghost town of Calico.

Now here you can make a real trip to the past, sitting in cozy restaurants in the spirit of the Old West, strolling along the railway, and watching the extraction of silver, which is exclusively improvised: all mines are closed to avoid accidents. The main attraction of the city museum is rightly considered a saloon named Dotti South, which looks exactly the same as in those days when Calico was known as one of the richest cities in California.

The history of the city is full of all kinds of legends and legends about the spirits of miners, cowboys and ladies in ghostly white dresses. Therefore, it is not surprising that on the eve of Halloween Calico, adorned with frightening attributes of the holiday, is gaining more popularity than in ordinary days. Some even prefer to hold corporate themed parties here.