Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Опубликовано: May 6, 2017 в 10:24 am


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The dunes originate from the Navajo sandstone, which refers to the geological epoch, called the Mid-Jurassic period. Such a beautiful coral color of sand gives the same oxides of iron and minerals, of which red rocks are composed in the Valley of Monuments.

Sand dunes appeared due to three factors: sand, strong winds and unique impact. This influence is due to the deepening between the mountains of “Moquith” and “Moccasin”. The wind passes through the notch, increasing its speed to the point where it can carry grains from the washed Navajo sandstone. This phenomenon is known as the “Venturi effect”. After the wind passes through the slit into the open valley, the speed decreases, as a result of which the sand settles.

A variety of insect populations are supported in Coral Pink Sand Dunes, including the white and pink beetle “Cicindela albissima” or the “Coral Pink Sand Dunes tiger beetle”, which is found only here. It is included in the red book of invertebrates, and in a special category – “species on the verge of extinction.” Also there are other surprises; Melting snow sometimes creates small ponds in the dunes, which are filled with amphibians such as salamanders and toads.

The park was opened as a state park in 1963. The age of the dunes is estimated from 10 000 to 15 000 years. The height of the park is 6000 feet (1829 meters) above sea level.

On the dunes you can walk without hindrance as much as you want and take various photos, by the way, against the background of rocks and mountains it looks rather unusual.