Grand Canyon National Park

Опубликовано: May 6, 2017 в 10:35 am


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Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon National Park) – one of the most ancient national parks in the United States. The canyon is in Arizona. Until the moment when the first Europeans appeared in 1540, the Indians of the Pueblo tribe lived in the canyon. They lived in caves, which hollowed out right in the canyon. But once the beauty of the landscapes of these places was appreciated by President Theodore Roosevelt, who loved to come here for hunting, and the Grand Canyon quickly became very popular.

The name of the canyon is not accidental: it is really the biggest canyon on the planet, its canyon length is almost 500 km, width is 28 km, and the depth is 1.6 km. This canyon is not the deepest in the world, but obviously the most impressive with its landscape. The relief in the form in which we can observe it today began to form about 75 million years ago. Then the Colorado plateau rose about 3 km, formed a huge cleft, and 18 million years ago, it began to flow around the surrounding rivers. Over time, soft rocks have been washed, and today the canyon (especially its bottom) is a structure of hard rocks, the destruction is very slow and will stretch for exactly one million more years.

Archaeologists work in the canyon to this day and often find curious fossils for science. As for the living inhabitants, there live 355 species of birds, 89 mammals, 47 reptiles, 9 amphibians and 17 species of fish.