Horseshoe Bend

Опубликовано: May 6, 2017 в 10:31 am


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One of the great sights of Arizona in the United States is the horseshoe bend of the Colorado River – Horseshoe Bend, often referred to simply as the “Horseshoe”.

Named this area of ​​the Colorado River, the horseshoe is deserved, the shape of its bend in this place actually resembles a horseshoe, and it is not rare here in the past that Indians on their horses probably stopped to admire the extraordinary beauty of the local nature.

This picturesque curve of the Colorado River is located on the territory of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. And because of its beauty, as well as its symmetry and proximity to “civilization”, this place attracts a huge number of tourists and photographers every year thanks to which we can enjoy these stunningly beautiful pictures on Horseshoe Bend.