Las Vegas is one of the largest world entertainment centers and gambling business. Numerous casinos, hotels, daily concerts and shows attract more than 40 million tourists every year. You will see the main street of Las Vegas Boulevard or The Strip, where the famous casinos MGM Grand, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, Caesar Palace, New York New York and others are located. And the bravest will be able to ride on the Stratosphere rides.


When you come to Hoover dam, you can’t believe it was built in the 30s, because at the time of its completion the dam was the most massive building on the planet. Picturesque cliffs, a giant bridge at a great height, emerald waters of River Colorado, the sheer size of the dam itself… By the way, thanks to the Dam Las Vegas shines with billions of lights!


The Park strikes imagination at a glance. Colourful road that on the photo seems to be a toy stretches through it. A chain of giant flamy rocks that are situated on the both sides of the road is fascinating. Various “hives”, “waves”, arches and canyons that were formed under the influence of water and wind for millions of years, and amazing figures of various animals. All this is the unique Valley of Fire State Park!!


It is the pearl of our tour. This incredibly beautiful park was formed by erosion. Majestic peaks of different colours are made by rivulet Virgin. She has created this unimaginable beauty for millions of years. The most exciting part of the tour waits for you here. Many tourists later describe it as the brightest impression of their life. It is ascent on the rock Angel’s Landing.


This Park is one of the inimitable miracles of the West of the USA. Alpine canyon is full of rocks of indescribable beauty and amazing shapes – Hoodoo. And a contrasting combination of colours from white to orange with evergreen fir trees will make you say “Wow” when early in the morning we will visit this unique place.


Horseshoe Bend on River Colorado is a world known natural wonder. Incredible bend made by the river strikes imagination. You will see breathtaking view of the emerald Colorado river and orange and red steep cliffs from more than 300-meter-high (it is higher than sightseeing platform of Empire State Building).


Grand Canyon will strike your imagination. Seeing it for the first seconds you will think it is a picture. Only a few minutes later you will realize how big it is. Its depth is more than one kilometer and a half and at its widest point the canyon reaches almost 30 km. And the area of the National Park is two times more than Luxembourg!


We will drive not only through the old part of Route 66, but also visit one of the most unique parts of it which is the city of Seligman. You will find a huge number of picturesque places that will allow feeling the spirit of 60-70s, when Interstate Highway 40 has not been built yet. By the way this town is the prototype for the cartoon “Cars”. And here you can find a lot of interesting souvenirs.


Meet the capital of the film industry, the largest metropolis on the West coast. You will have a fascinating journey through the most popular locations: the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory, Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Boulevard. And the end of the day you will pass on the most famous beaches of Los Angeles: Venice Beach and Santa Monica.


You need just one day to fall in love with this city forever. The majestic Golden Gate Bridge, atmosphere quay, nice trams, exhilarating Lombard street, severe Alcatraz, hills frightening with their slopes, picturesque bay, funny sea bears… All this is charming San Francisco! You will definitely want to come back here again and again.


Feel the spirit of the era of the golden rush when it was possible to become a millionaire in one day just by digging in the right place. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a real Wild West shown in westerns. In this interesting town you can learn how to wash gold from the river sand, as well as to descend into the mine and visit the house, where there is no gravity.